WWC is Making a Difference and Working in Partnership

Her at WWC, we are committed to helping our clients, members and community as a whole to move forward, to overcome barries that prevent them from improving their lives. We belive in forging partnership with funders and other voluntary community organisations.

Voluntary community organisations like WWC play a vital role in delivering services and providing resources to the community it serves. They also save councils and other local authorities in terms of financial resources. Over the past 10 years, WWC has been helping its community members to overcome bariiers in accessing the mainstream services. Our assistance starts from the very bottom; we start by helping newcomers enrol at colleges, schools, finding accommodation and employment and registering at GP surgeries.

We are very happy to learn that some of ours past clients are now working in big companies, some have recently completed University degrees. That is what we call integration into the new society. All these thanks to first help and assistance received from WWC Many of these past clients come back to us either to say thank you or to do some volunteering work. This is in recognition of what the centre did for them in the past.
The WWC is committed to developing a good working partnership with other voluntary and community organisations throughout Greater london and in the UK as whole and further afield. This is in order to complement and maximise the impact of the voluntary sector’s work. We are part of BAN AIP partnership (Black and Ethnic Minority Advice Network). It was set up in 2007 in order to meet the needs of Black and ethnic minority in Greater London. Our partnership is not limited within BAN. For inastnce; we work closely with Northumberland Neighbouhood, Stockwell Community Resource Centre and Hackney community College.

Early this year, we forged links with Massachuttes Alliance of Portuguese Speakers MAPS in Boston USA. This organisation has been in existence for 40 years and welearned a lot from them. Partnershiip is about sharing ideas, opinions, proposals and information. it is not about fighting each other as if we were business competitors. After all we are all working for the benefit of the community we serve. WWC works closely with its funders. It recognises that without their financial assistance, we would not be able to execute our projects.
Joao Pedro Lunguela