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WWC takes part in virtual Lloyds’s COVID-19 Recovering Forum

LLoyds - COVID-19 Recovering Forum

WWC took part in a virtual meeting on Lloyds’s COVID-19 Recovering Forum with Lloyds Bank Group Employees. WWC was represented by the CEO/Services Coordinator, Mr. Pedro Lunguela and Company Secretary, Mr. Ribeiro Baptista. It was a good experience for us to talk with the employees, to listen to their ideas, proposals on how we can improve and move forward…

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Facts About WWC

The only organisation which provides support & services to Portuguese speaking migrants & refugees & other minority ethnics combined. WWC is the only community organisation that breaks down barriers for existing and newcomers, from Angola, Guine-Bissau, Cape-Verde, Mozambique, Sao-Tome, Brazil and Portugal and other ethnic minorities. The only Portuguese speaking community organisation. That hold Quality Assurance Advice in general…

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The Forgotten Community

The Forgotten Community; The African Portuguese Speaking Community The first African Portuguese Speaking refugees and migrants started to arrive in the UK twenty four years ago as a refugees and asylum seekers. They were Angolan nationals. It is estimated that they are about 20000 Angolan living in London and elsewhere in the UK. At the beginning of the 1990’s…

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