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Changes to Life in the UK for settlement and naturalisation

Changes to the Knowledge of language and life in the UK requirement for settlement and naturalisation From 28 October 2013, there will be two parts to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KoLL) requirement, both of which must be met by all applicants for settlement and naturalisation unless the individual is exempt (exemption details below). From…

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NEW HOUSING LAW Local  housing  allowance  restrictions  Extended -Private  tenants  up  to  25  years  old  get  a  reduced  help  with  their   rent.  This  extended   to  under  35  year  old. –  Under   35  years  old   can  get    a  full  housing  benefit  only  if  they  occupy   a  shared  accommodation. –  LHA  Cap  (Private  Tenancies) LHA  allows  set  amounts  for  the  rent …

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