Facts About WWC

The only organisation which provides support & services to Portuguese speaking migrants & refugees & other minority ethnics combined.

WWC is the only community organisation that breaks down barriers for existing and newcomers, from Angola, Guine-Bissau, Cape-Verde, Mozambique, Sao-Tome, Brazil and Portugal and other ethnic minorities.

The only Portuguese speaking community organisation. That hold Quality Assurance Advice in general help with case work on housing, welfare benefit and immigration & refugees and asylum seeker issues debt issues.

The only Portuguese speaking community organisation which is OISC registered to provide immigration advice on at level 2

The only Portuguese Speaking community organisation that provides Home Visit Services for their elderly in the community

The only Portuguese speaking community organisation which is a ILPA ( Immigration Law Practitioners Association), Advice UK,( The Voice of Independent Advice) Evenly Oldfield Unit., JCWI( Joint Council of Welfare of Immigrants), CPAG(Child Poverty Action Group), ACE ( Advisory Centre For Education)member.

The Only Portuguese Speaking Community Organization to provide Specialist advice on Welfare rights and representation in First Tier Social Security Tribunal

Our staff & volunteer are regular attendees of two Garden Court Chamber seminars on immigration, welfare & community care. We also regular attend welfare rights forum quarterly organised by LASA. The leading second the voluntary organisation on welfare.

Over the past 3 years. WWC has become the first the first point of contact information not only Portuguese speaking migrants ( Angola, Cape-Verde, Guine, Mozambique , Sao –Tome, Brazil & Portuguese ) but also other minority ethnics such as, Congo, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Serra-Leone, Latin-American. Just to name few.

We also get referral from social services, councils, OISC and other Voluntary Organisation

We also serve other minority ethnics who choose to receive services Though WWC due to reputation of quality of our services.

Our pools of volunteers are bilingual and bicultural.

Here at WLAC, we are more than an advice centre. We do not just give advice, information & advocacy. We get different enquiries about our community such us family issues, community care issues, youth issues within our (the community.

We serve Elder people whatever, their needs are. Help & assistance they come to us. All the health, social issues which affect the community. Very often our clients also have employment issues; they come to us, (no payment of salary unfair dismissal, no payment of holidays etc). We also provide interpreting & translation.

Educational matters. We help community member who have educational issues. Help with appeals, enrolment at secondary, college, primary schools. We also encourage parents actively participate in their children education. WWC is a member of ACE .