New Housing And Welfare Law Changes

New Housing Law

Local housing allowance restrictions Extended

-Private tenants up to 25 years old get a reduced help with their rent. This extended to under 35 year old.

– Under 35 years old can get a full housing benefit only if they occupy a shared accommodation.

– LHA Cap (Private Tenancies)

LHA allows set amounts for the rent depending on the area and number of bedrooms. Now, an absolute cap is introduced so that whatever the rent is- the LHA weekly rates cannot exceed:

£250 for a 1 bedroomed property
£290 for a 2 bedroomed property
£340 for a 3 bedroomed property
£400 for a 4 bedroomed property

Non dependant deductions increase (private and social tenancies): Other adults expected to contribute more to the rent and council tax bill.